Sunday, April 8, 2018

April 7, 2018 Report

Well the water temperatures are starting to warm up and I have been finding some Tarpon more and more each day so today I decided to focus on tarpon and while the first part was slow for Rich and Kendra the second spot proved to be the key. Pulling into the second spot we set up a drift and shortly afterwards Kendra hoax about 140 lb tarpon period after a giant jump the fish started right back towards the boat in the process tangling up in riches line and breaking off under the boat. How frustrating! We gave it a few more dress but didn't hook another fish so we moved on. The wind picked up considerably to over 20 miles an hour so we fix a couple more spots where the trout fishing was slow and the shark fishing was non-existent so we wrapped it up catching a couple more trout and calling it a day.
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April 6, 2018 Report

Today I fish with Darius, Terrence in gene from Dallas Texas. Darius was a regular bass fisherman so he was honed in on the skills but Terrance and Gene and hardly ever fished. After teaching them how to cast they figured it out and caught some fish however the fishing definitely slow down today. We caught some trout then hit a shark spot which was void of chars then went back to the trout plants and caught a few more to wrap up the day.
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April 5, 2018 AM & PM Reports

Am Craig Andrea Louie catfish with me last year and Craig had landed about a 200 lb bull shark while Louie tore up the Jazz. Today we changed it up since the bull sharks have moved on but the fishing was still very good. Everybody caught fish had a blast and Louie insisted that I cash for him because it seem like everytime I cast for him he would hook a fish. It was hilarious because after that happened a couple times and started calling me the magic Captain. Kids are awesome!
PM My afternoon trip was with Tony and his son Chris. The wind picked up considerably in my afternoon trip almost the moment we started the pull out of it. But the fishing remains excellent and the guys caught a ton of fish and just tore it up. The Highlight was catching some nice Pompano's that pulled a lot of drag.
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April 4, 2018 Report

Wayne joined David and I on David's boat and after catching some bait we headed out to shark fish and hooked a few and landed one. Wayne had his hands full and David was able to get in on the action as well.
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April 3, 2018 Report

Samuel and Samuel Jr. from Chile joined me today and the goal was tarpon on fly. We found a bunch but this is a game of patience and 15 year old Samuel Jr. kept falling asleep. Dad wanting to make sure his son enjoyed the day decided to scratch tarpon and keep him engaged. We hit a grass flat and Samuel Jr woke right up catching a bunch of fish on lures and having a great time!
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March 31, 2018 Report AM & PM Reports

AM There's always a certain amount of pleasure I derive from fishing with um students or alumni since I am a big um Hurricanes football fan so it was very cool to have Brent and Ned I'm bored today. Ned is a student at um and Brent came down to visit his son and spend some time with him so we hit the grass flats and it was so good we spent the entire trip on the flash just tearing up the fish on artificials.
PM Anytime I have a double I always wonder how the afternoon trip is going to go after I had a very good morning trip but today Greg and Mitch enjoyed an equally good afternoon trip. We went back to the same grass Flats throwing the same lures and had the same insane action all trip long. What a day today!
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March 30, 2018 Report Video

Today I had the pleasure again and fishing another father-son team and this time it was Kelly and his son. Kelly just sat back and watch his son figure out how to throw a spinning rod work lures and have great conversations. After only a few minutes his boy figured it out and was casting and working lures like a pro and reap the benefits with a steady bent Rod. Way to go guys! Capt. Mo Estevez 786-853-1409 Follow me on Instagram @MiamiBoneFishing