Friday, July 3, 2020

Redemption is so sweet! July 3, 2020 Report

I really needed this one. Two years ago David fished with me and got a bonefish. Today we were on the hunt for bonefish and permit under ideal conditions. But, I have to admit, I was still haunted by the big bonefish we lost on Monday so I was eager to make up for it and kick off my 4th of July weekend on the right note. David brought his friend Jeff and I took them to a bonefish and permit spot but the tide was really high for bonefish. Part of the issue was that I was running an hour late because of the number of boats trying to launch in the morning. Just crazy! Anyway, we saw some bonefish schools but they were too far away so off to spot 2 where there were some bonefish but many more permit. They had a bunch of shots but the permit were trickier than usual so off to spot three. That was the magic spot as I was able to locate a number of schools of big bonefish tailing and mudding in a foot of water. One school moved up and started feeding and moving to the left. David make the perfect cast and the school moved over his shrimp. As it unfolded I saw a fish tail on his shrimp, a puff of mud and a screaming drag. Yes! I had to pole after the big bonefish that was making a really long run and then it turned toward us and wrapped around one of the PowerPoles. Oh no! I was able to work a miracle and free the fish and moments later David was holding the big bonefish in his hands. Wow, what a relief and he just got a bigger bonefish than last time. Cool! We ended the day with a few more shots for Jeff and then headed back to the ramp. What a great day, great weather and great guys! Happy 4th of July!
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This one really hurt June 29, 2020 Report

Wow, this one really hurt. I mean, really hurt. My morning started with Jake from Illinois who had booked me for bonefish. We met up at 6:30am and headed out expecting slick calm conditions making bonefishing so much easier and exciting but that's not what we got. There was a bit of a breeze enough to make a light chop that increased the difficulty 3 fold. No worries, I got this. I made a run to the oceanside flats and overcame the poor visibility courtesy of a Saharan dust storm blown our way but fishing an edge that I like and waiting for fish to swim over the white sand bottom. Just as planned, the rod doubled over and Jake was on to a big bonefish. After a long run and awesome fight we got the fish next to the boat but broke off on the Power Pole before I could get it in the net. Ouch!!! A bit later Jake hooked another fish about 6 pounds but spit the hook on the initial run. What's going on here? Jake wanting some steady action to finish the day so we did at a snapper spot. Well, I won't be sleeping well tonight after losing those two fish.
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This is what Kids need right now June 26, 2020 Report

I love fishing kids. they're a blast, easy going and really enjoy each fish they catch. Today was no exception with Junior, Michael and Marcus, three local brothers I've know for years, but boy have they grown up! They really wanted to catch fish regardless of species so I took them to a shallow wreck and they tore it up keeping 10 nice snappers for dinner and smoking through 6 dozen shrimp in no time. Now it was time for bigger stuff so we got to the flats and fished for sharks. There were plenty moving in but weren't very aggressive. However, two decided to play and Michael hooked both of them, losing both of them. What's up with that? By the time he lost his second shark of about 150 pounds it was time to head home. Dad later called me to tell me the kids were still raving about their day on the water and want to do it again. Mission accomplished!
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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Fish of a lifetime!!!! June 24, 2020

DANG!!! Don't know what else to say! My morning started with regular local client Alec on the bow on the hunt for bonefish, tarpon and permit under absolutely slick calm perfect conditions. We targeted bonefish first and there were tons of schools moving through, tailing, waking and getting us all excited. After quite a few shots Alec was starting to feel the tension of this super tough game we play on the flats. However, he's a seasoned veteran and has caught plenty of bonefish with me before so he kept his head in the game. Another school moves in, big tailing and waking fish and I pole him into position but they disappear but I can see their subtle movements. I tell Alec where to cast, he makes a perfect cast and moments later he's on. Boy is he on! The bonefish starts punishing the drag as I poled like a mad man after it until he ended his initial run of over 50 yards. When we finally got him to the boat and into the landing net we realized he was about 14lbs, 14 POUNDS! Definitely a career fish for me as a guide and the fish of a lifetime for Alec. The rest of the trip we focused on permit and tarpon having shots at both but never connecting. Wow, I will sleep in giant bonefish glory tonight!
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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Snook on Fly and on everything else! June 22, 2020 Report

It's hot but not just the weather, the fishing in the Everglades continues to be just awesome and so much fun! Last night I looked at the forecast and decided I couldn't live with myself if I didn't fish the Everglades today. With my family loaded up we took off and drove an hour into the Everglades. My goal was to finally break in my "new" personal fly rod and reel I bought over a year ago. Arriving at our first spot, I baited up the girls, kept them at the back of the boat and made one cast with a spinning reel and lure to "test the waters". Well, it was one cast, one snook and broke out the fly rod. A few casts later with the fly rod and I had the rod broken in with a little snook. Finally tally on fly was 4 snook hooked, three landed and lost a big snook on the first jump. Lures were definitely the choice today but my fiance Jeanny landed a nice snook on bait and the total tally was close to or about a dozen snook, some reds and trout and jacks and catfish (my daughters favorite) on bait. The highlight however, was a manatee that came to the boat and allowed the girls pet it. So cool!
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Saturday, June 20, 2020

First Timer with a Solid June 19, 2020 Report

Fishing in the Everglades has been so good I just have to keep going back and today Gianfranco joined me. Gianfranco is by no means an angler but he likes the outdoors so he was up for something different. I handed him a light bonefish rod with an artificial lure and showed him how to cast and work the lure. In no time he was on his own and working it just fine. After working the lure for a bit and not catching anything I hear "Oh!" and the drag screamed as a nice snook jumps out of the water. Well, turns out it was the biggest snook of the day and more were to come. Once the magical part of the tide was over with we called it a day after catching some redfish, about a dozen or more snook, trout and a nice jack completing a grand slam and a great day. Summer snooking is what's on my mind right now!
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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Almost a slam in 10 minutes? June 16, 2020 Report

Well, I have to tell you my little girl has fishing "juju", no doubt. I took my baby and my fiance to the Everglades fishing today and it was the first time down here for my daughter and she really liked it. On the fist cast she lost a really nice fish and on the next cast she lost a nice snook next to the boat. How about that for a start?! She also got to see about a 4 foot rare sawfish come right to the back of the boat just a few feet away. My fiance started off slow but then caught redfish, trout and snapper for dinner while I kept hooking reds, jacks, ladyfish and lost a few more fish plus missed some bites. Overall it was a nice day on the water with my family and boy did we take a long deep nap when we got home!
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