Tuesday, September 25, 2018

September 23, 2018 Report

I got a last minute call for a charter and met Barrett and Lauren at the marina at 7am. These guys were cool and their business is even cooler, they own and run a gym for horses! Heck, I learned horses can workout to the point where they develop a six pack in their abs! Well, we got some bait and decided to run straight south and avoid the weekend traffic. We really only had to fish two spots with the first one producing a ton of nice snapers and a grouper with Lauren out fishing Barrett. After this we hit the flats where we would wait for the visibility to improve before we bonefished. Once on the flats I spotted a school of shadows and cast a bait into it and Lauren immediately hooked up and seconds later Barrett was also hoked up. After a nice long fight, Lauren had a solid tasty yellow jack in the boat and Barrett landed a nice barracuda. They caught quite a few more barracudas and then we bonefished for the balance of the trip where they had shots a a solid school of big bones rushing the boat.
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September 22, 2018 Report

I was back fishing with Brian again and today he brought his friend Steve. Brian wanted to fly fish while Steve is a spin fisherman so I had to plan accordingly and make sure the guys had a good time. With a livewell full of shrimp, pilchards and crabs we go to work. Spot one had some nice ation with Steve hooking four snook but we lost each one of them. Well, time to change things up and run south. Fishing a shipwreck the guys caught some snappers, Steve on bait and Brian on fly. With the tide just right we hit the flats where we found some schools of bonefish feeding and mudding. On the first school of bones Brian made a perfect cast, strip, strip, a big swirl and he was on! Seconds later the bonefish broke him off and it was time to lick our wounds. The day ended with a few more shots at mudding bonefish. By the way, the flats were loaded with bait that is beginning to migrate to Miami. Fall is here!
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September 17, 2018 Report

I had a two boat trip today with Frank and Forbes on my boat while the other 2 guys were in the second boat. The guys wanted to bend some rods and so we loaded up with live bait and got to work. The first spot we fished looked promising as Forbes hoked up immediately to a jack and got a workout with Frank following close behind. Well, that was short lived and the action died off so we hit another spot that was a bit slow and the guys decided to call it a day early so they could get to their golf course in time.
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September 15, 2018 Report

It was a couples trip today with Jim and Nancy as we sped off to the flats this afternoon and we were on the hunt for bones and permit. Jim was on the bow first and on he first flat we found some permit where Jim had a shot at but a foot makes a big difference out here. Jim was a good caster so I knew he would have more shots. As we poled a few other flats there was little life on them and we decided to get fish in the boat and forgo the bones/permit. I found a flat that had some activity on it and Nancy and Jim quickly got the rods bent as they landed barracudas and sharks.
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Thursday, September 13, 2018

September 12, 2018 Report (Video)

I was back on David's boat today on a last minute call and after getting some bait we headed offshore in some really nice conditions. The area I wanted to try was in 500' of water not far from the marina so it was a short run to the spot. Once there we tied on some lures and it was game on from the second drop of the lure in the water. The first fish was a blackfin tuna for David, his first. A few casts later I hook up and David tells me to fight the fish, so I did, until it was close to the boat and it spit the hook. Another cast and another fish on the broke me off at the same time David had gotten a bite but got broken off. Dang, we were out of lures and the live bait didn't work nearly as well. After being chased around by some storms we wrapped up the day fishing inshore where David got a mackerel and an awesome barracuda on a light rod and no wire leader! Capt. Mo Estevez www.MiamiBoneFishing.com 786-853-1409 Follow me on Instagram @MiamiBoneFishing

September 9, 2018 Report

Sunday afternoon charters are not my favorite but Juan from CA wanted to do some fishing instead of laying by the pool so we met up at 11:30am and off we went. The first two spots were slow so we ran south and hit a wreck that started to produce immediately with snappers and a barracuda that ate two nice snappers. We got one of the halves of a snapper the barracuda had eaten and tossed it back on a bigger rod and he ate it, Juan reeled tight and the barracuda spit the hook, twice! Urgh!!! As this is going on some nasty storms were building towards out south and moving towards us. The fishing was good enough that we decided to fish in the rain but we moved to the flats once the thunder and lighting started to appear. Once on the flats we stayed for about 20 minutes before being chased back to the marina before all hell broke loose on us. Capt. Mo Estevez www.MiamiBoneFishing.com 786-853-1409 Follow me on Instagram @MiamiBoneFishing

September 8, 2018 Report (Video)

Honeymooners Eric and Dearvhla are from Michigan and got married yesterday so they wanted to do something different while in Miami and Eric really wanted to catch a shark. Stopping off at a spot I use for bait, we got what we needed and hit the flats. Some weather was moving in and they decided they didn't mind getting wet and it paid off as we hooked 4 sharks and landed two before we sped back to the marina in order to not get rained on again. Capt. Mo Estevez www.MiamiBoneFishing.com 786-853-1409 Follow me on Instagram @MiamiBoneFishing