Monday, November 13, 2017

November 10, 2017 Report (Video!)

Pete had been texting me to see how the fishing has been for a few weeks and today was his day. He and his friend Gary got in my skiff and off we went. With a live well full of bait we stopped off at a trout flat where we got some trout and then moved on once it slowed down. Moving south we worked another flat but that one was slow so we changed it up early and scored. The guys ended up catching some jacks for bait and then hooking 12 bull sharks, with Gary catching his first shark. Way to go guys! Capt. Mo Estevez 786-853-1409 Follow me on Instagram @MiamiBoneFishing

November 5, 2017 Report

Taking a break from working at the Broward Boat show I took the day instead to fish with local angler James. James wanted stuff to eat and some sport so off we went. The fishing was generally slow today with no tarpon and no fish at a few spots but then we switched it up and ended having a nice day with some snapper for dinner, hooking 3 barracudas and landing one and losing a nice shark.
Capt. Mo Estevez 786-853-1409 Follow me on Instagram @MiamiBoneFishing

Monday, November 6, 2017

November 2, 2017 Report (Video)

After a few days off and enjoying Halloween I was back on the water with Alain and Ethan. They wanted to catch lots of hard fighting fish so guess what we did? Yep, caught lots of hard fighting fish. This was a day of efficiency where we got bait and stayed in one spot for almost the entire trip of 6 hours. In those 6 hours they caught their fill of hard fighting jacks but that was just the beginning. The jacks served to fill the time between one of their favorite game fish, sharks, but not just any sharks, these were bull sharks and lots of them. The total tally for the day was an innumerable number of jacks, hooked 12-15 bull sharks landed two. We lost sharks to pulled hooks, broken lines, spit hooks, straightened hooks and well, Murphy's Law. We had a great day and the weather was awesome as is typical for November in Miami. Capt. Mo Estevez 786-853-1409 Follow me on Instagram @MiamiBoneFishing

Saturday, October 28, 2017

October 23, 2017 Report Video!

Kelly and Jeremy had just gotten off a cruise and came right to the marina to fish and get more salt in their system. Once they jumped aboard they told me "we would love to catch a shark". "A" shark I thought, let's get a few. A bull shark spot I fish had the wrong tide so we hit the flats and had a blast. We ended hooking 7 sharks, landing four, hooking two big barracudas and landing one. It was a blast and the fishing was solid today. Capt. Mo Estevez 786-853-1409 Follow me on Instagram @MiamiBoneFishing

October 20, 2017 Report

Regular client, friend and local angler Alec brought his son Ruben along today and while the plan was snook fishing, a late start may have thrown a monkey wrench into those plans. We caught plenty of bait but a few snook spots were void of snook so we scratched that. Making a run to a shallow wreck with live pilchards on hand proved to be a ton of fun and we kept 16 nice snappers for dinner with rods bending almost immediately after the bait would hit the water. It was definitely a fun trip and we're all having fresh fish tonight! Capt. Mo Estevez 786-853-1409 Follow me on Instagram @MiamiBoneFishing

October 17, 2017 Report

Todays trip was an afternoon trip with Brett and his wife Debbie from Texas. Since we had a great tide, outgoing because the incoming tide has proven slow this week, we caught some live bait and headed south to the flats for shark fishing. Just as I had thought, the outgoing tide was the key and the fishing was solid on a small wreck we fished where Debbie outfished Brett and lost a monster fish that spooled us before I could give chase as well as on the flats. Once we set up for sharks there were tons of rays around which is always a good sign and we ended up releasing a few sharks, Debbie's first. Capt. Mo Estevez 786-853-1409 Follow me on Instagram @MiamiBoneFishing

October 14, 2017 Report

This morning I had repeat clients John and his son Joe on board and of we went. After loading up on bait we fished a few grass flats and caught a few trout. With the trout action slowing down we fished for tarpon where we found a few boat no bites. The rest of the spots we fished were slow as well and with a busy weekend on the water, a few of the other spots had boats on them so we called it a day with after a hot start and a slow finish. Capt. Mo Estevez 786-853-1409 Follow me on Instagram @MiamiBoneFishing