Monday, April 1, 2019

April 1, 2019 April Fools Report, what do you think?

April Fools everyone. The conditions today could not be more perfect with clear skies, virtually no wind and great people on board. The great people were Raja and Emily from NY and we have fished several time together. With these conditions Raja wanted bonefish and I was more than thrilled about it. So, we hit the first shoreline and immediately started seeing schools of bonefish moving through. After a few shots, Raja got one and broke the ice. What a relief! For the rest of the trip we had more shots but couldn't connect. I love bonefishing!
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March 31, 2019 Report

All I can say is that some guys just don't deserve what they get. I had Ray today and he was as nice as they come and wanted bonefish or tarpon. Well, the tarpon were MIA and so were the bonefish so we targeted other species and drew a blank. Chatting with other guides, that seemed like the theme for the day, slow fishing. Geeze! Capt. Mo Estevez 786-853-1409 Follow me on Instagram @MiamiBoneFishing

March 30, 2019 Report

Somethings you can't explain and today was one of those days. I had Robbie and Keith on board out of the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo and we were scheduled to fish a full day. The guys wanted to catch fish regardless of species but the first few spots were slow. Oh, oh, what's going on here? My 3rd spot proved to be the charm but, well, odd. I fished a mangrove shoreline I have fished for years and caught snapper, grouper and snook, but not today. The guys caught tons, almost 30, look downs. Yes, look downs, its a thing, a fish, an anomalie. I have only caught maybe a dozen in my life and these guys almost tripled that in an hour. How, why, um I don;t know but it was fun and we had a blast. Using some chubs we caught I turned them into shrk bait where we went 0-5 on sharks. What? Yes, hooked five and lost them all. Wow! The guys had a blast and decided to call it a day at the half way mark so we bid farewell and off I went, home, early, after catching tons of look downs. HMMMM.
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March 28, 2019 Report

Well, today was interesting. I had a two boat trip with another guide and it was to be part fishing part tour with the wind howling at over 25 MPH. We tried for sharks and that was a no go with no sharks around. Then we went on the tour and finished off tarpon fishing with tarpon around us but with only 20 minutes left in the trip nothing happened in that time. It was rough out there! Capt. Mo Estevez 786-853-1409 Follow me on Instagram @MiamiBoneFishing

March 26, 2019 AM & PM Reports

AM Report My morning trip was with John, his brother Bob and his 10 year old grandson Jackson. I took them to a wreck where Jackson had a blast, caught a ton of fish and got worn out.
PM Report The afternoon trip was with the Poulos family and 10 year old Louie is always the star. I took them back to the same wreck where again they caught a bunch of fish and then they snorkeled for a while. We hit the flats where Louie caught a shark and called it a day after an awesome two trips with great kids. Capt. Mo Estevez 786-853-1409 Follow me on Instagram @MiamiBoneFishing

March 25, 2019 Report

I fished with Tom today and his son and had a blast. I looked for tarpon but that was slow so we switched it up and they caught some fish but the highlight was a huge jack that blasted a top water bait and his son fought like a champ until he uttered the words "This will look awesome on my Instagram.". No sooner had he said that, the massive jack broke him off. Wow, that sucked!
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March 24, 2019 Report

Tarpon, let's look for tarpon is what I told Peter and Alexis so off to find tarpon. Well, they made me look bad today with only a few fish around so we changed it up and caught snappers and Peter landed a nice jack on artificial lures.
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